Wrath 12 Gauge Pistol

Wrath 12 Gauge Pistol Walnut


Barrel Length: 11″ Length Blued Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore
Barrel Type: Blued Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore
Overall Length: 18”
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Finish: Standard Blue
Weight: 4.8 Lbs
Type: Exposed Hammers, Double Barrel, Double Trigger, Percussion Ignition ML
Stock: Synthetic
Stock Finish: Walnut
No license or FFL required, order direct

This item is not currently in stock, next production run is expected for June/July 2019, place a back order now if you choose (you can cancel order at any time) or send us an email and we will place you on a contact list and notify you when product is available and in stock.


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A 12 Gauge Double Barreled powerhouse, drawing from the design of the Howdah shotgun pistols as well as giving homage to the infamous Ithaca Auto & Burglar Double Barrel Smoothbore Pistol Introduced first in 1922. The Ithaca Auto & Burglar was to be soon outlawed (or at least highly regulated, it was essentially outlawed by the National Firearms Act of 1934). The Wrath 12 is your legal-to-own answer for the modern sawed-off double barrel shotgun.

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