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Our Story

“Drawing from our rich manufacturing heritage, all of the parts we manufacture undergo complete quality assurance checks. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with a finished product of the highest quality in the most efficient and cost effective method. Our manufacturing processes are checked before moving on to the next operation, and a final quality check of items is made prior to dispatch.”

Why 1941? This was the transformative year where the Greatest Generation was called upon and created a manufacturing superpower. America’s manufacturers in World War II were engaged in the greatest military industrial effort in history. Aircraft companies went from building a handful of planes at a time to building them by the thousands on assembly lines. Aircraft manufacturing went from a distant 41st place among American industries to first place in less than five years. We celebrate Manufacturing and the inspiring men and women who help advance the manufacturing industry and strengthen American prosperity. A strong manufacturing sector is critical to maintaining America’s global competitiveness and national security.

AGC has combined and deployed years of experience with today’s modern shop capabilities to meet the changing quality levels demanded by industry and our customers. We anticipate the future needs of our customers and have built our operations into highly sophisticated, computerized, and state of the art facilities.

AGC represents a consortium of manufactures. We offer precision machining services that range from 5 axis milling/drilling, CNC machining, jigs to fixtures, welding, and fabrications. We have over 15,000 sq. ft. dedicated to assembly, welding, and fabricating processes alone.

We have successfully combined the time-honored tradition of pride in workmanship with the advantages of today’s technology. We offer the highest possible accuracy, fast turnaround, and a management team that has built quality control into every procedure, allowing AGC to offer what we feel is the ultimate balance between cost of production and value for the consumer.


We specialize in the hunting and shooting sports industries.